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Creating an experience connecting tenants, landlord and skilled workers under 1 website.

GetRepairsNow is the world’s first maintenance exchange system connecting tenants, landlord, skilled workers together in solving local jobs. Looking for skilled workers couldn’t be easier just a tap of your finger.


I was tasked to re-design the user interface and enhancing the user experience to create a simplified version of the website and the admin dashboard and creating all the ui assets.


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User Experience,
User Interface

The Website

GetRepairsNow website needs to be simple while maintaining a unified experience as we’re expecting majority of web visitor would be via mobile devices. Therefore I’ve decided to start designing from mobile perspective and eventually work it’s way up to desktop large screen display. The result is a simple and unified experience website layout.

getrepairsnow-white-blueadmin dashboard user interface

The Dashboard Design

Dashboard as it sounds were meant to allow user to have an overview of everything under the hood, it could be complicated and bloated with information, actions and interaction elements. After couple of revision I ended up with a well organized structure while positioning these UI elements according to it’s usage priority and importance.

dashboard design for getrepairsnow

Dashboard Design Variation

Initally we started out with orange colored theme, but that has create an eye burning sensation after viewing the ui for hours. So we ended up with blue colored theme which less stressfull for their eye.

getrepairsnow-initial-draft-orange color admin dashboard

View & Bid any task anywhere

This is one of the feature I love, just keyin your zip code and see any job task around where you can view the task and perhaps take a bid on it.
getrepairsnow map location and bidding screen

User Interface Element Assets

These are the general ui element used in this project.Elements ranging from navigation, buttons, widgets to cards. Some of them on Dribbble.

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