Business Consultation Jonath lee

Business Development Consultation

Taking the next right step to grow ahead is crucial, but gaining clarity in your decision is more important prior making any jump ahead. Here is where my role comes in, to help you in gaining clarity with re-discovery of your strategy, goal and process in a more holistic approach.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how crucial a business plan is, a business without a plan is a plan to fail especially when it involves more than 1 party in your endeavor. Gaining the insights or put your idea into different perspective to help you in consolidating your idea, and able to understand the type of risk potentially involved. Here is how I could help you with;

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

See your business or project goal in a more organized perspective, and sharpen your value and your niche in the market.

Your True Motive

Getting clarity in what you or your idea stands for and what kind of impact you are making, would elevate how you start.

Team, Talents and Skills

Learn how you and your team could maximise their skills, talents, connection into driving the force ahead.


For Peers, Students, Interns

With over 16 years experience in creative field, I have vast experience in working together with all different group of people, from interns, subordinates to C.E.O, business owners and directors. How do we prepare ourself in embracing the reality work environment. I’m available to share and talk about subjects as below;

  1. Students and University life – Maximise your experience in the best time ever
  2. Getting into Creative industry such as website, mobile app, advertising, agency
  3. Getting started into real work environment, internship, training
  4. Learning how to fail in safest place


No matter you’re already owned a website and were looking for a re-design, or in the midst of getting a brand new website, allow me to provide more insights on establishing your online presences with a good website.