Metro Push Admin

Metro Push Admin is a simplified user admin dashboard design for a custom CMS (Contents Management System). So simple you know where to start, what can be done and what has been done. The “Push” simply means the Admin panel pushes all the actions you’re looking for and all the general information and status without the need to dig. “Push”, is just how simple it is to create something.


User Interface, User Experience, Front-end Programming


HTML, CSS, Javascript

Metro Push Admin software interface design

The Brief

We recently deployed a custom website content management for a client and I had the opportunity to see how they used the CMS and gathering their feedback for a re-design of the dashboard page of the CMS.

Metro Push admin is a simplified and well optimized admin dashboard for both CMS and any other back-end admin system user interface. It works great especially with touch screen enabled devices.

upclose view on statistic reporting chart and widgets


Metro Push all the common action and reporting right on the dashboard landing page. Users can spend lesser time in managing their website.

metro push admin web app interface explanation diagram for the base layer metro push admin tiles and widgets layer structure of the admin dashboard design admin dashboard design on isometric view metro-push-admin-fluidly-responsive-to-mobile-iphone-6 metro push admin cms (content management system) interface metro push admin natural adaptive background - tusk mood metro push admin in real world usage