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Kampar Residences

Kampar Residences is the the first approach in providing a complete premium hostel service for students from Tunku Abdul Rahman College Kampar, Perak. They have more than 20 units 3 storey Semi-D comes with full furnished bedrooms with fully gated and guarded security.

Kampar Residenced approached me to design a modern and responsive website to allow them to showcase their hostel designs and allow potential customers to make room reservation through their own online room reservation system.


Kampar Residences


User Experience
User Interface
Front-End Coding

Property Website Design For Kampar

Before jumping straight into visual design, I first need to analyse their existing visual identity through their existing printed media such as brochures, fliers and banners to have a better understanding on their existing visual identity design. This is important to ensure the consistency in both online and offline.

I did a lot of hand sketches and turning them into visual wireframe to explain how they website would functions, how all the information should be presented and the overall sitemap of the website. This will allow their team to have a better understanding visually on the contents architecture.

User Experience Wireframe Design

I don’t always create wireframe, but when it comes to communicate with another back-end programmer, wireframe is always the best way to go. Clear message and how the internal structure works and how each elements interacts with each other is important.
Wireframe User Experience Design Malaysia

Every complication layout and function such as layer, depth and other interaction so when it comes to coding, both front-end coder and back-end coder would understand each functions.

Each element has to be well defined in the primary stage especially if you’re working with another programmer. It could takes time to ensure both party to have a clear view of the entire project.

The Final Design

Kampar Website Design
isometric Website Design Kampar
User Interface Design in Kampar Perak

The Results

With 2 months of development, the website was launched. Together with Google Analytic and Webmaster setup to track and analyze all the traffic, flow and interaction to get more in depth analysis for further improvement.

responsive web design Kampar
User Interface Design Kampar
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