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Nichehabitat is a simple startup by vegan lovers to bring mason jars to Asia market. They brought in wide range of mason jars, straws and vegan related books.

Designed in the year 2014, the complete design integration was put on hold as client decided to focus more digital marketing through social networks.




User Interface
Front-End Coding
Contents Design

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Project Brief

I was tasked to create the initial identity for Nichehabitat. Beginning from a simple logo design, to prints, packaging and eventually to the entire customised e-Commerce platform powered by’s U8 engine.

Visual Identity

When it comes to visual identity, we have decided to focus on simplicity without creating too heavy graphic elements while still maintaining a natural and minimalism. We opt for Wordmark logo, minimal, yet meaningful.

nichehabitat logo design ipoh

Packaging Design


We tend to keep everything simple, including it’s packaging. The first packaging they had in mind is their core package, the complete mason jar set with lids, straws and straw cleaner in one box.

green packaging design ipoh
natural concept packaging design

The e-Commerce website

We focus on usability for the e-Commerce website. Keeping the layout clean combining with white and green tone to simply reflecting the identity of Nichehabitat.

green natural themed web design nichehabitat website layout design

natural themed web design
green natural vegan responsive website design