My new side project

ipoh food directory, wordpress directory theme

I recently launched my side project, a collections of inspiring local Ipoh contents under 1 website so no one will ever missed anything again.

The Problem

Everyday we open Facebook, we were looking for new interesting or inspiring posts at least that’s the very basic thing we were expecting right? However in recent time we’ve been bombarded with tonnes of posts like spams, ads, sales and bunch of uninspiring stuff.

If you love browsing Facebook like me, then you should understand the pain of contents scrolling, and contents searching inside Facebook itself. Things get tougher when you tried to search back interesting post like foods, events, and local happenings in the past as not everyone know how to use #hashtags.

Ipoh Directory Listing

The Solution –

That’s where I created, where I will be digging up latest interesting posts like food, events, happenings and even community notice to keep you updated and inspired. Not only that, all posts gathered from Facebook will be linked to it’s respective category, tags and there’s the power of WordPress’ Taxonomy would help solving this problem.

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